The Law Offices of Frank Cassiano were established in 1992 by Frank Cassiano. Today, the Firm limits its practice to representing victims and their families who have suffered Personal Injuries from Commercial Truck and car crashes, Medical Malpractice, and Aquatic Injuries.

Members of the Firm possess substantial knowledge regarding the complex network of federal law which exists to regulate trucking throughout the United States.
We stand ready, willing, and able to investigate accidents and crashes like few other firms. Although we do not claim expertise regarding state law in all 50 states, we have and will continue to assist attorneys and counsel in other states to ensure the most favorable outcome for our clients and their families as the case may be.

Despite differences between States' laws, anyone injured, as well as survivors of loved ones who were killed by an 18 Wheeler, Big Rig, Commercial Truck or passenger bus crash must contend with the federal laws which dominate the regulation of trucking. Those laws have been adopted by virtually every state in the Union.

CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE, whether by telephone or in person. With regard to Legal Fees, the bulk of the work conducted by the Firm is performed on a "contingent fee" basis. Accordingly, we are neither entitled to, nor expect, any money as fees until we win/prevail on your behalf. By design, a contingency fee agreement ensures and guarantees that all persons have access to the best attorneys available. You will never owe us an attorneys fee until we recover/win/prevail on your behalf.