$ 3,670,000.00 VERDICT (Pierce v. Cargocare Transportation Co., Inc., et al.), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina - 1999;      Wrongful Death of a 16 year old. During three week trial, Frank A. Cassiano, Jr., based upon Firm's investigation, reversed a mountain of negative evidence ultimately proving that defendants' 18 wheeler crossed into client's son's lane, instantly killing both client's son and his passenger; in the process the firm illuminated the dysfunction of NC's Department of Motor Vehicles and propelled fatigue as a major road hazard into the National conscience.

In 2006, a confidential,
multi-million dollar truck crash Settlement was achieved despite the fact that the defendants' liability had remained in doubt after years of litigation, that is, until the attorneys handling the case were referred to our office.  We immediately assembled the experts, conducted personnel interviews of overlooked witnesses, and provided the know how that turned the tide, ultimately enabling the survivors to provide for college and much more, as well as lifetime care for their gravely injured father.

(In accordance with the terms of a
2003 Confidential Settlement, names and terms may not be shared publically, underscoring the difficulty of properly assessing exactly how many medical malpractice cases actually exist or resolve without public awareness.) A beautiful young lady, who enjoyed incredible strength of faith and exuded an infectious spirit of hope and kindness to everyone who was lucky enough to have been touched by her life; this precious young lady needed a heart and lungs due to a congenital birth defect. She walked into the hospital, hesitant about the promised procedure, but following surgery she regained consciousness and communicated only briefly. The medical center had implanted organs from a donor with completely incompatible blood type.

$ 1,350,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Adams-Johnson v. Gresco, et al.), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina 99 CVS 2006 - 2000; Gresco company driver lost control of Ford 350 towing trailer and Bobcat, smashed head-on into clients, despite the fact that clients had moved off the roadway and onto right-hand shoulder; investigation revealed improper brake connections, improper training, and thwarted an attempt by an opportunist third driver of clean hands. The case settled after depositions of Gresco's owner, the Gresco driver, and the opportunist in the third car.

$ 800,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Chestnutt v. Pitt County Memorial Hospital, et al.), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina - 1998; Firm's investigation led to compensation for obstetrics malpractice victim "with no chance" 24 years post injury. After settlement, Frank A. Cassiano, Jr., established a post-disbursement, dedicated trust which preserved public assistance entitlements for client.

$ 705,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Wallace v. J & JP Trucking, et al.), Superior Court Division, Pitt County, North Carolina 99 CVS 2917 - 1999; Truck stalled in the middle of a dark section of rural highway; trailer had no reflective tape and driver failed to deploy warning lights/cones, etc. Client only appreciated the dark hole at the last second, managed to swerve left just enough so that the ensuing crash predominately invaded the passenger side of client's Chevy Luv; Firm's prelitigation investigation revealed that defendant's safety officer had ordered Company's driver to turn the truck's lights off and finish his trip in the early morning darkness, this, after company's driver had reported truck's alternator was malfunctioning; The case settled after depositions of J & JP Trucking's owner and the truck's driver.

$ 625,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Langston v. Local Hospital and surgeon, et al.), Superior Court, Wilson County, North Carolina - 2001; 30 Year old wife/mother of an 8 year old daughter presented with severe abdominal pain; ulcer "hunch" proved negative, but nothing much more was done to explore etiology of "blood in entire bowl"; two days later, surgeon went on vacation with note: "Rising WBC?" WBC would continue to rise unabated for days until her leg clotted and death followed within hours. Firm teamed up again with Bob Fallarino and investigation revealed that while an occluded superior mesenteric artery may be rare in one so young, it can happen, and to ignore the signs and symptoms is deadly.

$ 500,000.00 TRIAL LOSS (Meeks v. Hinson Pulpwood Limited, et al.), Superior Court Division, Lenoir County, North Carolina - 2001; Ronnie Meeks was injured when a lumberjack admittedly cut a mature Pine tree so it would fall toward the road Ronnie was driving down; the tree fell into the road and crushed Ronnie's truck, breaking Ronnie's back; two weeks of trial resulted in a jury's "Verdict" of $500,000.00 coupled with an answer saying lumberjack was not responsible; post-trial inquiry revealed that despite uncontested evidence of lumberjack's clear responsibility, the jury felt that lumberjack was not negligent "all day". Understand that negligence does not require the defendant to behave badly all day, just at the moment of consequence. The inescapable lesson to be gleaned from this nightmare is that nothing is for sure and jury's can be unpredictable, even when presented with clear facts.

$ 500,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Wynn v. Central Grain Corp, et al.), Superior Court Division, Hertford County, North Carolina - 2001; Defendant's speeding driver looked away and slammed into the rear of an Isuzu Trooper that had stopped for a flagman on a very straight rural highway; Firm's investigation revealed fraudulent logs leading to punitive damages for fatigue/fitness to drive. Case settled after depositions of Central grain's owner and company's driver

$ 453,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Merryman v. Hansley, et ux), Superior Court; Lenoir County, North Carolina 1999; Motor Vehicle Collision; five year old with closed head injury.

$ 248,000.00 VERDICT (Smith v. Tharpe, et al.), Superior Court, Manchester Division, Richmond, Virginia - 1998; Motor Vehicle Collision; Firm's investigation of head on collision led to criminal convictions (with active sentences) for contact and non-contact defendant drivers, forfeiture/payment of personal assets in addition to payment of full face value of two insurance policies and contribution from a third, non-contact defendant's insurance policy.

$ 240,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Burnett v. Phil Cline Trucking, et al.), Superior Court Division, Rockingham County, North Carolina - 2001; Client stalled making a U-turn on a rural, unlit portion of divided highway; claim was passed around by multiple firms, each of whom evaluated the claim as either baseless or too hard; Firm's investigation revealed numerous fraudulent records, establishing grounds for Phil Cline's driver's fatigue.

$ 200,000.00 VERDICT (Torres v. Rodriguez), Superior Court, Wilson County, North Carolina 1998; Migrant Bar Shooting Victim; Firm assisted foreign witnesses to acquire legal employment over a six year period thereby ensuring witnesses' availability at trial.

$ 152,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Beddard v. Briley), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina 1998; Tree trimming accident Victim; Multiple Appellate reviews ultimately established and then affirmed extension of Homeowners Policy coverage to off-premises negligence incurred during compensated tree trimming activities.

$ 150,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Uribe v. Hansley, et ux), Superior Court, Lenoir County, North Carolina 1998; Motor Vehicle Collision; three year old with closed head injury.

$ 135,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Newman, et al. v. Russell et ux), Superior Court, Carteret County, North Carolina 1997; Nuisance dog in neighborhood; Forced recalcitrant dog owners to remove five of their eight dogs, refrain from replacing any of the three remaining dogs until after all three died, build a double fenced pen with roof and hedge, have a Veterinarian examine, document and photograph the three remaining dogs, and deliver the records and photographs to the Firms' clients and ultimately pay clients $135,000.00.

$ 101,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Humbles v. Faulkner) Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina 1994; Motor Vehicle Collision with Train; established a dedicated pre-disbursement trust which preserved public assistance entitlements for client.

$ 89,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Constanzo v. JR Tobacco), Superior Court, Johnston County, North Carolina 1997; Compensation for torn hamstring which resulted from slip and fall.

$ 70,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Carson v. Burgh, et al.), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina 1998; Dog Bite on Thigh, $218.00 in medical bills; Firm's investigation revealed eight prior bites.

$ 64,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Payne v. Miller, et ux), Superior Court, Beaufort County, North Carolina 1996; Compensation for soft tissue injury incurred as a result of a motor vehicle collision.

$ 38,928.79 VERDICT (Wingate v. Syth, et ux), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina 1998; Dog Bite on Hand - $928.79 in medical bills.

$ 38,100.00 VERDICT (Hardee v. Syth, et ux), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina 1998; Dog Bite on Thigh, $100.00 Emergency Room visit.

$ 30,000.00 SETTLEMENT (Kroll v. Conley, et ux), Superior Court, Pitt County, North Carolina - 1998; Dog Bite on Arm - no medical bills; Firm's investigation revealed three prior bites and a violation of a quarantine order by defendant's dog.