I can only begin to tell you how grateful I am to have had Frank A. Cassiano represent me. I was injured at birth in 1974. Mr. Cassiano was still in High School. I found Mr. Cassiano by chance after 18 years passed. To say the least, my case had floundered. The hospital was gone, the blue prints supposedly did not exist, and whatever members of the staff were still alive, were uncooperative as they either never knew anything, had forgotten, or were on the verge of retiring.

Undaunted, Mr. Cassiano managed to reconstruct the patient list from the night I was born, tracked down the "significant others" who had accompanied the patients, had them all pitch in to reconstruct the old hospital's blue prints, brought in a team of experts who pushed back the naysayers, and ultimately forced a settlement that continues to serve me to this day. He quietly worked to prove my case for six years. No one else would have put themselves through the hell Mr. Cassiano weathered on my behalf. You can not imagine how much this man has meant to me and my family!
Ronnie Chestnutt - Greenville, North Carolina

One of Frank's old girlfriends urged me to call him after my husband was killed in a crash near my home in Virginia. No charges were filed against the driver that had killed the father of my three children. Weeks passed. Considering the fact a member of one of Virginia's most powerful families had killed my husband, charges might never have been filed, except that I did eventually call Frank Cassiano.

The result was nothing less than stunning. Within days, literally, Frank had travelled to central Virginia, interviewed dozens of witnesses, reconstructed the events leading up to the crash that took my husband's life, and delivered a package to the Commonwealth Attorney that prompted charges against not one, but two drivers, to which they ultimately pled guilty and served active jail sentences. A civil litigation followed during which Frank showed yet a third defendant driver contributed to and was responsible for the wreck. Defense Counsel argued that Frank should not be allowed to represent me in Virginia "because he knows too much"; the judge denied the motion. The Trooper, Commonwealth Attorney, and my personal attorney have all told me what I already knew: Frank A. Cassiano, Jr. delivered this case signed and sealed.

Deloris Smith - Keysville, Virginia

Terry was sixteen when he and his friend were killed in a crash with an 18 wheeler on a cold, rainy night in December, 1993. When my husband and I reached the hospital, all the trooper would tell us was, "The truth went to the grave tonight". His official report blamed my son for the crash.

For months I was too numb to think. Nearly a year passed before I was able to face the issues that were haunting my family and me. I consulted with one big firm after another, four in all; between them, they collected my son's ER record and maybe 6 photographs from the night of the crash and they spoke with forensic pathologists and accident reconstructionists. The bottom line was that, even though the events raised questions, before Frank, no firm was willing to invest the time or personal energy to investigate the facts in order to unearth the truth. Ultimately, those big named firms turned me away.

Nineteen months after Terry had been killed, I made one last call on the recommendation of the North Carolina Bar Referral service. They recommended Frank. It was a Saturday and Frank Cassiano took my call. He said he could only make one promise: that he would review everything I had and try his best to answer my questions. Frank recognized the problems, but he also recognized that many things simply did not add up. He took my case and pursued it with a vengeance.

I no longer suffered alone. In fact, I thought I was being treated special until I accepted an invitation from Frank to come to work with him. I quickly learned that he treats all of his clients/cases very much the way I had grown accustomed. In any event, I am very familiar with the inner workings of Frank's office and his personal commitment to his work. He constantly attacked and defended my case for more than four years. He "instinctively" repositioned the point of impact, placing it at its correct location and then turned over every stone to prove it! In the process, he discovered, among literally thousands of documents: forged medical documents; a despicable company safety record, which included multiple prior fatalities; secreted federal inspections, which established company logs were fraudulent 32% of the time, and; helped me bring fatigued driving into the fore of Congressional review. In the end, as he has done so many times before, Frank turned an impossible case into a win. In my case the win was $3,670,000.00. Make no mistake about it, without Frank A. Cassiano, Jr.'s vision, bravery, and incredible persistence, there would have been no success.
Bonnie Pierce - Elm City, North Carolina