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Lompoc, CA – Two Motorcyclists Injured in Collision with Semi-Truck on North H St

Lompoc, CA (October 5, 2022) – On Monday, October 2, an accident involving a motorcycle and a semi-truck was reported in Lompoc that injured two people.

Officials reported that the accident occurred a little before 2:45 p.m., on the northbound lanes of North H Street, near Central Avenue in Lompoc. Police report that a motorcyclist had two riders on it, and they became entangled in between a trailer and a semi-truck that was stopped on North H Street. The stop light turned green and as the semi-truck began to drive the motorcyclist and its two riders were dragged by the truck. The truck driver felt a bump and stopped to see what it was and promptly called 911 for help.

Emergency personnel was immediately called to the scene. They arrived shortly and rendered care to the injured motorcyclists. The injured motorcyclists were airlifted to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for immediate treatment of their major injuries.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are under further investigation by local authorities. Police are working on identifying and finding the truck involved in the accident.

Our thoughts are with the victims injured in this accident. We hope for their full recovery.

Truck Accidents in California

Motorcycles are very commonly ridden in California. Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the state’s favorable year-round climate, beautiful scenery, historic roads, and low fuel and maintenance costs. All drivers, owe a legal duty of care to each other to operate their vehicles in a cautious manner in order to minimize the risk of danger to the other drivers on the road. Truck drivers are also under this same obligation to owe a duty of care to watch for motorcyclists and respect their space.

Thousands of commercial trucks travel on California’s roads each day. There are many good truck drivers on the road who are vigilant and experienced. Truck drivers are required to undergo rigorous and special training. However, accidents can still happen. Accidents are often the result of reckless behaviors such as distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, driving while fatigued, and impaired driving. Inclement weather, unstable or shifting cargo, and obstacles on the roadway can also cause serious accidents.

Trucks can be difficult to control and maneuver and have much larger blind spots. They have a much longer stopping time than other vehicles when emergencies happen. Trucks are frequently in accidents on California’s roads. The increased presence of both trucks and motorcycles on California’s roads has also led to an increase in accidents involving the two. When trucks and motorcycles are involved in an accident, the motorcyclist often sustains severe injuries or death, due to the vast size difference between the two vehicles. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable in an accident since there is nothing to shield them from a sudden impact.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, speak with a legal advocate that you can trust, who can help get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve suffered. Please do not hesitate to contact a Lompoc truck accident attorney by calling (949) 536-9467 to see how we can help you.

Note: This accident news post was created with the use of outside sources. These sources include local news reports, state and local police reports, social media platforms, and eyewitness accounts about serious truck accidents that occur in Southern California. For that reason, we have not independently verified all of the facts surrounding this accident. If you find any information that is incorrect, please contact the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, PC so that we can update the post to reflect the most accurate information available.

Disclaimer: The photos used in this post were not taken at the actual accident. None of the information in this post is intended to be medical or legal advice. This post is not a solicitation for business.

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